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Project Description

Funeral Services

It is hereby stated that the cemetery located on the location described below is a not-for-profit cemetery, maintained and run by Chattanooga area Muslims, as defined later;

The cemetery is not owned by the managing committee.

The committee is only an acting body on behalf of area Muslims as defined below.

The committee is not in any way liable for any legal actions taken against the cemetery.


2122 West Shepherd Rd

Chattanooga, TN


Managing committee of Islamic Cemetery for Chattanooga.

Goals of Managing committee;

To treat the human body with the utmost respect.

To maintain the cemetery in a proper condition.

To make visitation to the cemetery comfortable.

To keep a record of the persons buried in the cemetery


The managing committee works under the supervision of Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga which is the ultimate responsible authority.

One Representative from each of the following Islamic Centers are welcome;

Islamic Center of Greater Chattanooga, 2533 Gunbarrel Road, Chattanooga 37421

Islamic Center: 1410 Cemetery Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37408.

Muslim center for Bosnian Muslims of Chattanooga, TN.


DEFINITIONS: Following definitions are ONLY for the purpose of utilization and serving THIS cemetery, they shall not be considered any judgment or beliefs of the members of the managing committee. The sole purpose is to serve and respect the Muslims who die.

MUSLIM: Any person who believes that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad (salleh allao wassallum) is his last prophet.

Any minor or mentally handicapped person who has a Muslim parent.

Any person, incapable of testifying, due to disease, death, age or other reasons, for whom another Muslim testifies to be a Muslim.

GRAVE or GRAVE-SITE: A part of the land where a dead body or part of a dead body is buried or will be buried.

Or that: A procedure or ritual which is done or performed at the time of putting the dead body in the ground and covered with dirt or similar substance as defined by Islamic principles.

DEAD BODY: Biological remains, or artificial part which served a function during life, of a person who has died.

DEATH: End of life as defined by the local laws of the community and government.

DEAD or DECEASED: Person who is declared AND certified dead or deceased according to the local laws.

CEMETERY SERVICE AREA or “THE AREA”:  Hamilton county of Tennessee and surrounding adjacent counties in the state of Tennessee.

MANAGEMENT: Managing committee of Islamic Cemetery of Chattanooga.



The cemetery is for the area Muslims only, any traveling Muslim who dies in the area can be buried with the consent of the managing committee majority. No one who does not belong to the area and who dies outside the area is allowed to be transferred here for burial.

A resident Muslim as defined above who dies outside the area can be buried here.


The sequence of burial site of grave will be decided ONLY by the managing committee. There will be NO pre-designation of any gravesite for any person.

The managing committee has the right to move or remove any unauthorized grave.

The sequence of graves will be chosen without keeping any particular person in mind. If, the friends or relatives of the person expecting to be requiring burial are on the managing committee, they shall exclude themselves from the grave site selection process.


The burial procedures will be in accord with the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


The time will be decided by the family, friends or acquaintance (in that order) after getting permission from the managing committee and shall be coordinated with the person who will dig the grave (which will be designated by the cemetery managing committee). NOTE: Grave site can only be decided by the managing committee.


The total charges are $2120 broken down as follows;

Back Hoe operator $250

Wooden box for burial $250

Headstone $340 (This price may change)

Funeral home expenses $780 (includes transportation within a 50 mile radius, washing for the remains of the deceased, transportation to the mosque and onward for burial)

Fee which is payable to ISGC for use of the burial plot $ 500

The above mentioned charges are subject to change if deemed necessary by the managing organization.


Burial will proceed only in the designated sequence and no pre reservations will be made.


Please see attached information regarding details of the designated headstone.

Below is an example of the type of Headstone that must be used on the graves.


No appointment is needed for visitation to the grave, but for safety and security purpose, it is recommended to visit only in the daylight hours.

No changes in or at the grave is allowed without permission from the committee.


Loved ones of the deceased are responsible for the expenses needed for funeral and burial and upkeep expense of the cemetery.

Payment by one party does not guarantee maintenance, as it requires support and help by the whole Muslim community.

Payments are expected in good faith and fees are set arbitrarily according to expected expenses, and can be changed according to the circumstances.

The committee is not responsible or liable for any accident, injury or loss of property during funeral rites or visits to cemetery.

The committee is taking care of the maintenance in good faith of the Muslim community, and will do utmost according to the resources and input provided by the community. It has limited resources and therefore cannot guarantee against any damages caused by any natural or unnatural causes, including, but not limited to damages caused by humans or animals. If anyone thinks that it is the responsibility and liability of committee, beyond what it can do in good faith without any liabilities, they are welcome to become member of the committee and take liabilities to their hearts desires, on giving written affidavit of accepting liabilities and approval by the Muslim community.


For assistance with funeral arrangement, please contact

Hammad El-Ameen

Contact: (706)459-1010

Email: helameen@gmail.com


Amel Razic

Contact: (423)987-2432

Email: amelrozic@comcast.net

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2533 Gunbarrel Rd,
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