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Halaqah linguistically means “circle” in Arabic. Often a halaqah, is a relgious gathering- a study circle if you please. In these gatherings, people generally sit in a circle and it is said the angels also sit in circles surrounding the gathering until they reach our Creator to tell Him that His servants are remembering Him in a gathering.

This is significant for a number of reasons, two being mentioned in sound narrations from the Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him).

In a Hadith Qudsi, Allah says:

“Those that remember Me in their heart, I remember them in My heart; and those that remember Me in a gathering (i.e. that make mention of Me), I remember them (i.e. make mention of them) in a gathering better than theirs.”

Also, on the authority of Abu Hurayra (may Allah be pleased with him), the Prophet (may peace and blessings be upon him) said:

“Allah Almighty has angels who travel the highways and by-ways seeking out the people of dhikr. When they find people remembering Allah, the Mighty and Majestic, they call out to one another, ‘Come to what you hunger for!’ and they enfold them with their wings stretching up to the lowest heaven. Their Lord – who knows best – asks them, ‘What are My slaves saying?’ They say, ‘They are glorifying You, proclaiming Your greatness, praising You and magnifying You.”

Halaqah Schedule

Halaqah Subject Day Time Instructor Email Id
Qura’an Tafsir Sunday 1:15 PM Sadeq Alsouqi sadeqsaeed@hotmail.com
Qura’an Tafsir Saturday After Maghrib Abdelazeem Sirelkhitm asirelkhatim@gmail.com
Qura’an Tajweed Friday 3:00 P Sadeq Alsouqi sadeqsaeed@hotmail.com
Arabic/Qura’an Reading Wednesday After Maghrib Adel Hamidi htrack@gmail.com
New Muslims Class Sunday 3:00 PM Hammad Elameen helameen@gmail.com

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